Electrical Releases

Electrical Final Inspection

Prior to electrical service at an address being energized by CenterPoint Energy, a project must receive its final electrical inspection from the city. This includes:
  • Commercial new construction
  • Remodels where power had to be disconnected
  • Repairs to existing service (reconnect)
  • Residential new construction
Upon approval of the electrical final inspection, city staff will notify CenterPoint Energy that the property is eligible for electrical service to be energized.

Energy Provider Application

The owner / applicant must make application with their energy provider before electrical service can be initiated. It is helpful if this application is made before the city releases the approval to CenterPoint.

Inspection Requests

To set up an inspection time, please call:

Contact Information

For general permit and inspection questions, please contact the Inspections and Permit Division by calling 281.403.8600 during regular hours of operation. If you need to contact the chief building official, please call 281.403.8552.